About Us

In a secluded nook right at the heart of the city lies what every girl and her girlfriends dream of, a beauty sanctuary where they are pampered like a princess, any day, every day. The stress of the city fades into oblivion as one steps into this unassuming haven.

The Makeover Lounge is for the princess of any age, both young and young at heart.  It is a one-stop beauty sanctuary, with hair treatment, nails, wax, lash, and even massage services.

Each and every service fit to make a girl feel like royalty, while lounging most comfortably. The everyday princess only needs to come by the doorstep, and literally just sit back and relax with a complimentary hot tea with different flavours to choose from.

Bossa Pop music streams endlessly, immersing every guest in complete relaxation as they are waited on, from hair to toe.

All nail services are done in ultra-comfortable massage chairs, by gentle hands of experienced staff. Every color, every hue, there’s a polish for you- and there’s Gel polish too. There’s plenty of Cuccio, Chanel, CND, Orly, Essie, Zoya, China Glaze, OPI and more. For issues of the nails- yellow nails, soft nails, problem nails- do not fret. The Makeover Lounge has a fix for that.  Little princesses are welcome with their own menu to choose from.

Depilatory waxing services use internationally-trusted warm honey wax brand GiGi, and is most assuredly hygienic- for that stress-free, almost-pain-free removal of unprincess-like unwanted hair.

For those beloved tresses, besides blow out services, they now offer hair cutting, hair color and treatment, which definitely screams #HairGoals. No need to gush over Pinterest with that dream hair of yours, they could make that happen without compromising one’s locks. 

Special days come with special treats. Girlfriends can come to party at the lounge before that big day of happy ever after, or for any occasion at all. The Makeover Lounge provides a package that will surely make any spa party memorable… and instagrammable! 

The Makeover Lounge is nothing short of a magical place right smack in the middle of the metro. Coz sometimes the challenges of the city can make a girl feel like an ogre, and right here at The Makeover Lounge, every girl leaves to return to the world feeling like a princess again.